Fashion Staples – 2/30 The Perfect Blazer

The Perfect Blazer

Even if you don’t work at an office, every woman should own a black blazer that fits her perfectly. This is a wardrobe staple as it can be worn with jeans, little dresses, trousers, and skirts.


How do I know my blazer size?
Chest – Measure chest just under arms and across shoulder blades, holding tape level (don’t hold your breath). Be sure to cross over the shoulder blades and the fullest part of your chest. Blazer sizes are equal to your chest size. For example, if you have a 38″ chest, you would wear a size 38 blazer.

Styling Tips – 6 Blazer Looks
Dress Shirt with Tie. For those more formal events, you can’t go wrong with this classic pairing.
2. Cardigans and Sweaters. Adding a cardigan or sweater underneath your blazer is a great way to add warmth, texture and an air of sophistication.
3. Oxford
4. Polos
5. V-Neck Tee
6. Jeans.


What colour pants to wear with a black blazer?
If you have very dark skin then wear a light shirt, and you’ll look great. If you don’t then I’d suggest steering away from black and going for warmer tones like navy, grey or brown. Ideally oxford grey or light grey pants work best with a black blazer. You can also wear tan/khaki or beige with black too.

The blazer is a step lower than the suit jacket. It is a hybrid of sorts because it is more formal than a sports jacket but unlike the suit jacket, a blazer is not made with a matching pair of trousers. Blazers have a looser fit compared to suit jackets. They are also not as structured especially in the shoulder area.


What color shirt goes with a blue jacket?
The first thing you want to do is create a contrast with the navy blue colour. The easiest ways for you to day that is to stick with dress shirts in light tones. You cannot go wrong with either a white or light blue dress shirt to go with your blazer.


There is more to add to your wardrobe and we’ll bring you Fashion Staples that are a must-have! Thanks for stopping by.

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How To Keep Your White Sneakers Clean

A good white sneaker is a fashion staple. All the fashion people LOVE white sneakers, however, it sure is a struggle to keep them spotlessly clean. One trip toΒ  the coffee shop would mean mud stains, possible coffee stains etc. So I’m bringing you some tips to rock these white beauties!


  1. For starters always store them indoors
  2. If you see scratches on your sneakers, use white nail polish to cover them up nicely.
  3. Baby wipes come in handy for accidental stains which you can use to clean right away.
  4. Magic eraser should be your best friend if you own white sneakers.
  5. Vinegar also works wonders to remove nasty stains.
  6. Use a toothbrush to get to hard to reach areas.
  7. Use a mild shampoo and then before air-drying your shoes, stuff a small towel inside to maintain the shape and also to help dry quickly.
  8. Never machine wash footwear.
  9. White shoe polish for days when you think you might need it, which could be every other day.IMG_5593

    Alright then ! Keep your feet happy!

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Fashion Staples – 1/30 White Sneakers


Fashion is what you find in stores, style is what you do with it. I’m sure you must’ve heard these famous words. But there are some wardrobe staples that you must MUST have in your closet so you never have a ”I-have-nothing-to-wear” moment again.

Let’s begin!

First up is the simple yet super stylish white sneaker that you MUST have in your wardrobe essentials. These we’ve been seeing everywhere for the last two years specially. White sneakers certainly took over the fashion world by storm and they are here to stay for a while.


A good classic white sneaker or white slip on is what you should be adding to your wardrobe if you haven’t already.


I came across a Mom some days ago who was shocked to see her daughter wear white sneakers to prom. Little did she know that these go with just about anything at all!
Keeping white sneakers spotlessly clean can be quiet a challenge, you can read all the tips you might needΒ here. Β  Hope this helps!

Running to your nearest store are you? Good! πŸ™‚ Your feet deserve a great footwear!