Month: September 2017

Being a parent

Parenting isn’t is the hardest but the most rewarding, the most beautiful experience of our lives. It comes with the most insane unexpected challenges as well as moments that literally fill our hearts with so much emotion and happiness that it seems unreal….

Dose Of Colors – Desi x Katy

Dose of Colors showcases the work of Anna, a passionate artist with a love of unique and beautiful colours. Richly pigmented glosses and high fashion matte lipsticks. Meet transformative lashes and illuminating highlighters that are expertly designed to help skin appear youthful, healthy and…

Coffee Break – Must Have Investment Pieces, Totally worth it

Heyyyyyy!!!!! How was your Eid? Hope you all got to spend loads of time with your loved ones and made beautiful memories together. I wanted to share some interesting articles with you so that when you have time and need your coffee/tea break the…