The world is full of people, each one with a different story. The stories that are simple yet they leave a lasting impact and give others something to hope for, maybe a new dream, a new goal, a vision, ideas, the will to succeed, the strength to move on. We all live such different lives that some of us leave behind something to inspire others. My inspiration comes from Workaholics, Entrepreneurs,Β Artists, Photographers, Writers, Bloggers, Makeup artists, Musicians, Foodies, and all you creative peeps! People with purpose and vision.

Write to us if you want to join us: wingsandstrokes@gmail.com

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Not just that, we will also bring you reviews on products, movies, restaurants, places and events. Parenting, holiday ideas, personal care, activities, relationship advice, quotes, must-haves, and everything fun that you can think of! We collaborate with other writers/bloggers to bring you something fresh each month.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Wings & Strokes with each and every single click!
Thank you for your love and support!

Signing off

Sonya Ali
instagram: sonyalee1

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