December Editorial

December has almost reached the mid and still there are no signs of chilly winter here in UAE. Which reminds me of winters back in my homeland, sweaters, jackets, socks, mufflers, woollen caps…the whole shebang! There are times when I miss those kinda winters but UAE gets very pleasant at this time of the year which of course makes it very comfortable to be out and about.

December is the time to reflect back on the year that flew and downs..highs and lows…success and failures..grief and happiness… it is the time to look forward to new beginnings..the time to make plans for the new year that is ready to embrace us with arms wide open…time to make new year resolutions, that we hardly stick to.

But as they say…


and December is the time to say goodbye to the past and look forward to the future..its time to create it…!

December brings with it lots of weddings, holidays, birthdays, X-mas, UAE national day, Quaid e Azam’s birthday, lots of sales and a reason to hit the malls. And of course December brings the New Year’s Eve…time to be with your loved ones..time to share moments…time to smile…time to celebrate…time to pray for the year ahead…time to let go…time to embrace…

Wish you all a memorable December!

Much love,

Sonya Ali

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